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Connect Me

This chapter describes the initial steps to start using your Shieldoo Secure Network:

  1. Download & Install
  2. Connect to Shieldoo Secure Network

Download & Install


We will go through the following steps:

Login in Shieldoo web application

When your Shieldoo Secure Network was successfully created together with your user, and you were notified via email, this is the initial page requesting to log in using your existing Microsoft or Google account.


User information

After successful login, the name of the user, type of the user (e.g. ‘User’ or ‘Admin’) and the icon are shown in the upper right corner.

By clicking on the arrow icon, it is possible to check the details of the account My Account or to sign out from the site Sign Out.

Download & install the Shieldoo client

The following steps describe how to download and install the Shieldoo desktop client:

  1. Go to the Connect Me | Download & Install section.


  2. Choose the download link according to your operating system and click the arrow button.


  3. Download the client by clicking the Download button.


  4. Install the client according to the well-guiding instructions.


  5. While installing the client, the address parameter has to be entered to tell the client where to connect.


  6. The last step consists of establishing the connection for the first time.


  7. When the setup is completed, you are securely connected! The following message is shown:


Shieldoo icon

The icon in the system tray provides visual aid about the current status of the Shieldoo client.

  • Not Sign-in and Not Connect
  • Sign-in and Not Connect
  • Sign-in and Connect

Connect to Shieldoo Secure Network


This section describes establishing a secure connection to a server and attached services in Shieldoo Secure Network:

  1. Connect to Servers
  2. Connect to the Attached Services

Servers are devices to which users or other servers can connect.

Attached Services are devices that run on the local network of a server but on which Shieldoo Secure Network cannot be installed (e.g. a printer). Shieldoo lets you directly connect to such services without connecting to their servers. The admin of Shieldoo Secure Network manages these services.

Connect to Servers

After successfully downloading and installing the Shieldoo client, you can now securely connect to any server in Shieldoo Secure Network enabled by your administrator.

To see the list of available servers, click on the client status icon in the system tray and choose My Access Rights In Shieldoo network.


The other possibility is to go to Connect Me | My Access Rights in Shieldoo web application.


It will show the list of available servers within your Shieldoo Secure Network with information about their names, IP addresses and description. In descriptions, your administrator will tell you how to connect to the server.


Connect to the Attached Services

The method of connecting to an attached service depends on the type of the given service. Here are the general steps:

  1. Connect to your Shieldoo Secure Network by the client.
  2. Go to the Connect Me | My Access Rights section to see which servers are available to you.
  3. Expand the row of a server with any attached services configured.
  4. Connect to an attached service by utilizing the given server’s IP address and the attached service’s port.


For specific instructions on how to set such a service, see the Attached Services section.