Sharing a Printer


This example shows how to share a printer with the clients in your Shieldoo network. To do this, the printer must run within the local network of a server connected to the Shieldoo network.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the server on whose local network the printer is running in your Shieldoo Secure Network.
    Learn how to do that in the Servers chapter.
  2. Configure a connection to the printer as a service attached to the installed server.
    Learn how to do that in the Attached Services chapter.
  3. Configure who can access the printer via server firewall rules.
    Learn how to do that in the Access Management chapter.
  4. Connect to your Shieldoo network as a client with access to the printer (i.e. a client whose access to the printer is not blocked by Shieldoo firewall rules).
    Learn how to do that in the Connect Me chapter.
  5. Check that the operating system of your client’s computer has automatically registered the shared printer.
    For example, the printer should become immediately visible on Windows in the Printers & scanners settings.
  6. Use that printer to start printing documents remotely.